This is my work method when facing a new digital project.

  • Briefing
  • Design research
  • Roadmap planning
  • UX design
  • Hand sketching
  • Content creation
  • Organization of resources
  • UI design & Prototyping
  • Testing & Improvement
  • Launch
  • 1. Briefing

  • 2. Design research

  • 3. Roadmap planning

  • 4. UX design

  • 5. Hand sketching

  • 6. Content creation

  • 7. Organization of resources

  • 8. UI design & Prototyping

  • 9. Testing & Improvement

  • 10. Launch


Maria Sola

I’m a Spanish Digital Product Designer & Researcher with a background in web development, art direction, graphic edition and interior architecture. If we talk about design, I've experience with: webs, web-apps, mobile apps, blogs, e-commerces and editorials.

Nowadays I work as Product Designer at Quipu, an Invoicing SaaS Startup based in Barcelona in which I’m in charge of the Marketing area. My job is to raise the website conversion by offering the best, simplest and clearest version of our product to our potential customers. These are some of my tasks: doing market, user and design research; planning the roadmap based in the business needs and goals; designing the UI/UX of the public page oriented to our target; testing the product and analyzing the results and metrics in order to improve it; creating graphic original content for landings, banners, brochures and newsletters; and managing a small team. I just love my job!

When I’am not in my favorite coffee place working on my personal projects and having an amazing chai latte, you can find me skating around the city, dancing any kind of music, planning a surf trip or petting stranger’s dogs (mine lives with my parents and I miss her sooo much).

María Solá


Wanna offer me a job, collab with me in a cool project or just say "Hi!"?

Sure! Send me an email to: hello@mariasoladesign.com

I'll answer you asap! :)